Hello! My name is Yvonne and I am the heart and hands behind By Yivvie, which I started in December 2012. What was originally just a one-off collection of small animal holiday ornaments for a local boutique, By Yivvie has since become an entire zoo of stuffed animals, finger puppets, mobiles, ornaments, and more. 

Each item is lovingly made by hand, and only until recently did I acquire a sewing machine to see if it can help with my process. That's right: each stuffed animal has been sewn by hand using an embroidery needle and twine. This is what gives By Yivvie animals their unique and almost rustic look, and I'm very particular about keeping it that way. All of the patterns are made from my own drawings, using simple shapes to compose each animal into something recognizable. This way of making patterns has lent itself to creating coloring books and other items, as well.

In my spare time I quietly pursue what I went to school for: drawing, printmaking, and oil painting. I'm one of those people that just can't sit idly and has to be making something with my hands or in my imagination.  I live with my husband, one toddler, one cat, and lots of fish in Collingswood, NJ. 


Nice Things Handmade, Philadelphia, PA

The Nesting House, Collingswood, NJ